Increase Your Organic Traffic and Your Visibility on Google Now.

What you are going to discover can have a major impact on your ranking. There is a tool you need if you want to get ahead of your competition on search engines. A tool that the best SEOs use secretly. I am talking about SEO Traffic Bot Generator.

A must-have asset for your SEO

You have already tried everything without any results? This is PER-FECT! You just have to use SEO Traffic Bot Generator to see the difference. If your site is already technically and editorially optimized, there is nothing left besides getting the signals that SEO Traffic Bot Generator can transmit to Google.

Easy and simple to use.

SEO Traffic Bot Generator is so simple to use that you will only need a few seconds to set it up. No need to read a guide, the tool is simple and intuitive.

100% or more additional traffic on your website

With SEO Traffic Bot Generator you will be able to increase traffic in the proportions that you choose. You also get to choose what signals you want to send to Google: number of visits, landing page, query used, time spent on your page.

SEO Traffic Bot Generator Features

  • You can create as many campaigns as you want.
  • You can send traffic to one URL or several by campaign.
  • You can define one or more keywords by campaign who will get you organic traffic.
  • You can define the number of visits you want to generate by campaign.
  • You can define one or several Google versions to use to search your website.
  • The Bot uses a list of 20 different user agents, you can add more if you want.
  • You can define the length of time during which the bot stays on the landing page (by defining a time range).
  • You can define a time range between two searches (between two visits).
  • You can ask the bot to visit randomly an internal page after the landing page (in order to lower the bounce rate).
  • You can define the length of time during which the bot stays on the second page visited.
  • The bot scrolls automatically and randomly once the landing page is reached, to simulate the behavior of a real Internet user.
  • When it is done running, the bot automatically creates a report.

Too good to be true?

This is what hundreds of people thought before they tried it.

Hard to believe ?

And yet, nothing more logical! Google gives more and more importance to Internet users behavior on one page or one site. These data are going to be added to other indicators that are at its disposal to judge the quality of your site: popularity, content, ergonomics, mobile compatibility...

SEO Traffic Bot Generator really works.

I was able to increase my organic traffic by using some keywords, which sent a positive signal to Google and I noted a few weeks later an improvement of my visibility on these pages and keywords.


SEO Traffic Bot Generator has really helped me to improve the visibility of my website.

Restaurant owner

This is incredible! SEO Traffic Bot Generator really allowed me to get results and to better understand how Google works. In increasing the organic CTR of a specific page, I really was able to observe its effect on the visibililty of this very page.

Consultant SEO

Here is how SEO Traffic Bot Generator works, watch the video below and see on your own how simple and easy to use this tool is.

SEO Traffic Bot Generator

  • 1 licence = 1 user (1 pc)
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Unlimited number of visits
  • Compatible Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Launching price!

Exclusive price of $29 rather than  $99!

  • You are looking for a solution to send positive signals to Google?
  • Your website is already optimized but you do not know what more you can do?
  • You want to increase search engine rankings?
  • You want to increase your organic traffic?
  • You want to sell more on your online store?
  • If those are your goals, SEO Traffic Bot Generator will help you to reach them!

No-risk guaranty!

SEO Traffic Bot Generator is risk free! Unlike onpage linking and optimization techniques, you have no risk of being penalized by Google Panda or Google Pingouin.

You can download a free demo version to see to what point SEO Traffic Bot Generator is simple to use. (this demo does not allow you to start the bot)

The introductory price of $29 will only be available for a limited time.

To insure this price, buy your license without waiting.



The launching price will not last forever.

The sales page will be closed for a few weeks after 500 sales.


Jonathan, creator of SEO Traffic Bot Generator

PS: This tool could easily be sold at $200 but I would like to make it available for as much people as possible. I am now realizing that I will certainly lose a huge part of revenue, but it's worth it!

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