Automated Hits From Traffic Bots And Why You Need Them

Have you been trying to improve your website’s positions within search engines with no joy? If you’re tired of putting all your time and effort into techniques that just don’t seem to be working it may be time to invest in automated hits from traffic bots.

What Are Automated Hits From Traffic Bots?

If you’ve been working on your site’s SEO then you will probably already know that good on page optimization, keyword research, content and backlinks are all important signals to tell search engines what your site is about to help them rank you better. You may not know that your click through rate is also an important factor.

How does your click through rate (CTR) affect your website’s positions within search results? Well, if lots of people are all searching for the same term and clicking on one website to find what they are looking for that would be a pretty strong indication to a search engine that the page in question was relevant to users for that term and so it would rank it more favorably.

How Can SEO Traffic Bot Generator Help Improve My Search Positions?

Quite simple, SEO traffic Bot Generator is a tool that allows you to create a higher click through rate to your site- with no risk of being penalized by search engines. The traffic robot acts like a real person carrying out real searches.

Sounds Great! But Why Are These Automated Hits From Traffic Bots so good…

· Once you download this SEO ranking software you can create as many campaigns as you like

· It’s easy to use- you’ll only need a few seconds to set it up. This SEO ranking tool is simple and intuitive- you won’t even need to read a guide!

· You can define several factors such as the keywords you want to target, the number of visitors you want, the length of time the bot stays on the landing page, if the bot visits another page and how long it stays there too.

· The bot is designed to scroll automatically and randomly when it gets to the landing page so it imitates the behavior of a real internet user.

· You can use SEO ranking software with Hide my ASS! A VPN to hide and manipulate locations.

· This tool uses 20 different user agents so it makes the searches look like they are using different browsers, devices and screen resolutions.

So, there’s nothing to stop you and everything to gain.

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