Why You Should Be Using the Best Software For SEO

You’ve been working on your website’s SEO in the recommended methods. You’ve done your keyword research, you’ve worked on your on page optimisation, you’re creating great content that your audience will want to read and you’re creating a robust and natural back link profile- but you’re still not seeing the jumps in the SERPS that you want for the effort you’re putting in. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that could help you, find out more about the best software for SEO….

Why Does Click Through Rate (CTR) Matter?

It’s been known for several years now that CTR is a positive signal to search engines- the better your click through rate from a keyword, the higher you’ll appear in search results for that term- and several tests have been carried out to prove this. For example, Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz put a tweet out asking his followers to perform a search with his chosen keyword and click through to his blog post which was in the 8th position. After hundreds of his followers performed the search his blog had jumped to the number one position for the keyword they were all searching for and clicking through on. Great, so now all you have to do is get loads of people to click through to your website for your chosen keyword- but how do you do that if they can’t find your site in the search results? You’ve already tried everything else, and you don’t have the resources to manage a campaign like this.

The Best Software For SEO

SEO traffic bot generator is the best software for SEO and it couldn’t be easier to use- and to start seeing results. What the SEO traffic bot generator is able to do is mimic real people performing real searches and clicking through to your website- increasing your positive CTR signal to search engines for your chosen keywords and so increasing your website in the SERPs. More importantly, there is no risk of your website being penalised by search engines as is so often the case with traditional SEO techniques. So, why is this the best software for SEO? And why should you be using it?

Get Started Straight Away

Once you’ve downloaded the software you can start creating as many campaigns as you like. You won’t need to read any manuals, it’s that easy to use. You can choose which keywords you want to target, how many visitors you want to get and even the length of time the bot stays on the site and if it visits another page when it gets there to keep your bounce rate at a more natural figure.

You can use SEO ranking software with Hide my ASS! A VPN to hide and manipulate locations so search engines see this as real traffic. There really is no risk to you, apart from missing out on your desired position within search engines if you don’t try it out.

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