Traffic Robot Software To Improve Your Search Positions

Are you looking for traffic robot software that is going to increase your website for your chosen keywords in search engine results? Stop looking, SEO Traffic Bot Generator is the tool you need.

What Is Traffic Robot Software?

Simply put, traffic robot software is a tool that allows you to increase the click through to your site from your chosen keywords. But why is that important? And why should you consider using traffic robot software to improve the search positions of your website?

The Important Of Your Click Through Rate

If you’ve been working on your site’s SEO then you’ve probably already worked on important factors such as keyword research, on page optimization, content production and backlink creation. However, did you know that click through rate (CTR) is also an important SEO factor?

Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz carried out an interesting test where he asked his twitter followers to perform a search with a given keyword and then click on his blog. At the start of the test his blog was in the 8th position within search results. After the experiment it was number one for the given keyword. Quite compelling stuff, but how can you recreate that?

That’s where SEO Traffic Bot Generator can help, this tool is a piece of traffic bot software that can increase your click through rate, for your chosen keywords, and improve your website’s positions within search results. This tool is so easy to use that you won’t have to read any complicated guides- you simply download it and get started running your campaigns.

You choose the keywords you want to target, how many visitors you would like to come to your site and how the traffic robot software behaves when it’s on your site- for example, you may want the bot to visit more than one page to keep your bounce rate in check, or perhaps you want the bot to spend more time on your site.

Are There Any Risks?

No. That’s the perfect thing about this traffic robot software, there are no risks of your site being penalized. The traffic robot acts like a real person carrying out real searches. The tool uses 20 different user agents so it makes the searches look like they are using different browsers, devices and screen resolutions; you can use SEO ranking software with Hide my ASS! A VPN to hide and manipulate locations; and the bot is designed to scroll automatically and randomly when it gets to the landing page so it imitates the behavior of a real internet user. So, no risk and lots to gain – what are you waiting for?

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